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Video Submission Information

The  programme for 2021 is being delivered virtually as a pre-recorded event. For this, all entries need to be made and submitted as two video recordings.

Entrants are asked to create two videos as follows:

Introduction Video

Make a short (3 minutes maximum) video introducing yourself to the viewers. This will be aired before your performance and should include you speaking and telling the viewers about:

  • Yourself, your family and friends

  • Your country, village, town or city

  • Where you study the Harp and with which teacher

  • What you have chosen to perform and why you have chosen it

Performance Video
Record yourself playing the pieces you have chosen to play, and that have been approved by the committee. This video should be around 20 minutes in length.

There are some top tips below that will help you achieve the best results for your video submissions. You will also find details at the bottom of this webpage of where and how to send your completed videos when they are ready.

Please note the deadline for sending us your completed videos

is the 1st May 2021

Click the button below to check your programme, biography and publicity photograph which will be used on the website and in the digital programme for the event.

Top Tips for Filming Your Performance 

Make sure you are set up against a plain background,

 to give good definition and clarity

background Dont.png
background do.png

Consider the lighting – face a window or light source.

 A strong backlight will give you a silhouette and less definition and clarity to your appearance.

Think about where you sit in the frame of the video, try and stay centred and prominent within the shot.

If possible record using an external microphone positioned close to your harp, this will provide a clearer sound quality for your performance.  If you don’t have an external microphone, be mindful of where the microphone on your device is and the distance you are from it.

Recording on a Mobile Device

phone landscape.png

If using a mobile device, set it on a level surface or stand, in a landscape orientation.

Put your device into Airplane / Do No Disturb mode – this will stop notifications during your recording.

airplane mode.png

Finished your recording?

Play it back - 

Can you hear yourself?

Can you see yourself clearly?

Are there any distractions / background noise?


When you are happy with the recording save the video file in a .mp4 format if possible with WHC21, your name and Performance / Introduction in the title.


File Name Format -

FoY Performance Videos - WHC21_Performer-Name_Performance

FoY Introduction Videos - WHC21_Performer-Name_Introduction


Email your file to using a file sharing programme such as weTransfer, Gdrive or Dropbox

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